Ojo de Ibiza Terrazas del Norte

Ojo de Ibiza

Terrazas del Norte

Cabernet Sauvignon Monastrell
Ibiza Vineyard

The Eye of the Island

Grown high above the sea on old terraces with barren limestone soils, the grapes ripen in the glistening sun. Ibiza has always had something magical, even mystical. The vineyard is in the middle of nowhere. There were no roads, only the rocks, the land, the sea, and the sun.

The grape composition varies every year, depending upon the best grapes harvested. We use a Cabernet Sauvignon, Monastrell and Syrah base, which were selected by the oenologist Alain Bramaz, as it is optimally suited to the island climate and soil conditions. The wine is produced entirely by hand in small quanities.

Unusual and surprising, a spiritual expression of the island. Extremely limited availability.

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