marcelo pelleretti


Winemaker Marcelo Peleretti & Mauricio López

“The Wine Musician”

Winemaker and Wine-rocker Marcelo Pelleriti drinks wine to stay young, and is known as one of Argentina’s most renowned enologists. His wines are powerful, elegant and filled with personality. He is an expert in vinification in barrels, orchestrating a symphony every time he creates a wine.

Pelleriti received postgraduate training in Strategic Planning in Viticulture from Juan Agustín Maza University in Mendoza, and also received his Bachelor in Enology from Don Bosco School of Enology, Juan Agustín Maza University. Today, he manages the wine program at the prestigious Monteviejo winery. He is the only Argentine winemaker to receive a perfect score from Robert Parker, for his Chateau La Violette 2010, a Merlot made in Pomerol, France.

Apart from his work in winemaking, Pelleriti has brought together rock music and wine, both through In Vino Veritas, his radio show, and his annual Wine Rock concerts.

Mauricio López


“The Young Wine Prodigy”

Mauricio López, Chief Winemaker at Ojo de Agua, began his work at the winery in 2014. Moving through different positions in his professional growth, with more than fifteen harvests carried out, he gradually fell in love with this beautiful world of wine.

His interest in wines has led him to pursue studies related to Oenology, which gave him a great knowledge about viticulture. His vast trajectory has been the kick-off to be part of countless national and international experiences in the most prestigious wine regions such as the United States, Spain and Argentina. In addition, his interest in tasting different styles of wines and learning about other winemaking techniques has led him to visit different wine producing areas of the old world such as Bordeaux, Montpellier, La Rioja, La Mancha, among others.