Ojo de Agua Vineyards

“Argentina’s land for agriculture is El Dorado, everything planted turns to gold. And now is only the beginning.”


South America’s richest wine country has prospering vineyards scattered across the Andes Mountain range. Argentina, a land that is double the size as Germany, France and Spain put together, has been blessed with diverse altitudes, microclimates, and natural resources.

Argentina, The New Frontier
of New World Wines


Reaching the far north in Salta at 3,000 meters above sea level, to the valleys of Mendoza in the Cuyo region, and down the Andes Mountains to the end of the world in Patagonia, we ventured across the entire country in search for Argentina’s greatest wine producing terroirs.

NORTH CUYO PATAGONIA Río Negro Agrelo Altamira Cafayate La Rioja
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Behind every excellent wine,
is a healthy vineyard

We have chosen our land for its exceptional climate, soil minerality, and water quality found in the mountain valleys. Pure snowmelt waters from the top of the untouched Andes trickle down to irrigate the soil, free from any contaminates.

Argentina is one of the few continental winemaking regions in the world with such ideal winemaking climates and wide temperature that range from day to night. Our organic grapes thrive in conditions with sunny, arid days and crisp, cool nights.


Nature provides the idyllic environment for a healthy vineyard to naturally flourish and thus creating the highest quality Dieter Meier & Family Wines varietals.

The journey begins deep under the earth; below the rich soil where the vines grow strong and grapes burst with robustness and complexity. Organic nutrient-packed soils, free of any pesticides or chemicals, come to life with little external interference, creating a balanced ecosystem that protects the vine from predators.